Video business keeps music online, in front of audiences

Video business keeps music online, in front of audiences

Kathy Wittman photographs a musical performance.

Kathy Wittman feels like apologizing.

The filmmaker and videographer is busier than ever — “I haven’t gotten more than five hours sleep in months,” she says. But she’s busy at a time when her colleagues and clients can’t work at all.

Not the way they prefer, that is. That’s why Kathy Wittman is so important.

The founder of Ball Square Films specializes in photographing, filming and creating videos for musicians. It’s what she loves: “Particularly early music,” she says, “and opera premieres.”

Without live performances, Wittman’s work fills the void. Video streams, livestreams, archival footage — that’s the only way her clients can reach audiences.

“I’m slammed, but I’m balancing that with the deep pain felt for my colleagues,” she says. “You can’t complain when someone else is worried about rent or mortgage.

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