VALU3 on why brand awareness and outstanding online presence are critical for business growth

VALU3 on why brand awareness and outstanding online presence are critical for business growth

In today’s fiercely competitive commercial sector, it’s not enough for a business to create a reliable and in-demand product, take the product to the marketplace, and hope for the best. If the business has to distinguish itself from its rivals and invoke the right reaction in the public consciousness, it must also be a brand. Don’t just take our word for it; ask the brains behind digital brand agency and runaway success story, Valu3.

“We always inform clients during our first meeting not to make the common mistake of thinking the brand is your business. It is not; it’s something else entirely,” explains Valu3’s Alex Petrisor, who co-founded the company alongside Chris Kurz.

Petrisor adds, “Your business is the practical side of your operations. It creates the product, analyses the marketplace, looks after the accounts, and so forth. However, your brand is that little bit of magic that will give your business superpowers. It’s what creates an identity for your business that customers can identify and interact with. Your brand can imbue your business with a living and organic significance that will generate an overwhelming amount of goodwill and fierce loyalty.”

Increasing brand awareness and authority while increasing market share through digital growth strategies is Valu3’s specialty. The company has a track record of helping businesses establish their digital footprint and expand into new territories.

Petrisor explains, “Just as water is to plants, brand awareness and outstanding online presence are critical for business growth. However, you cannot just build a brand overnight. It needs to be cultivated and developed. Constituent and on-point messages are key and identify with him which will help to have a on point messaging.

Although he agrees that a robust online presence leads to a strong brand, Petrisor is keen to warn businesses that they can’t just create a Facebook page or Twitter account and hope for the best.

“The internet dominates the world, so an online presence is a no-brainer, but you’ve got to box clever to make your mark. Everything from online reviews about your business, the pictures you post, the blogs you write, and the tweets you send out into the Twittersphere affect your brand. You can’t completely control your online presence, but it can be manipulated to maximum effect. It’s not something that can be rushed but needs to be well-thought-out and executed with due care and diligence,” divulges Alex Petrisor.


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