The Business Engineer- A Book That Augments Online Home-Based Businesses

The Business Engineer- A Book That Augments Online Home-Based Businesses

7 Business Engineering Secrets Revealed

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Malik Muhammad brings another phenomenal book, The Business Engineer- A complete guide to establish an income-generating business from the comfort of your home!

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2021 / — Malik Shakoor Muhammad, an expert-level marketing professional, has just published his new book, The Business Engineer: How to Make Money Online Fast as a home-based Business Engineer, at a limited time, for the discounted price of just $2.99. This book targets the working class and it guides and teaches them to run self-publishing, online ventures from anywhere successfully.

Malik S. Muhammad has been working for more than 21 years to inspire and motivate individuals to set up online businesses with ease. He helps make people proud owners of their own companies. Through multiple books and publishing(s), he has been promoting the thought of working for oneself rather than other individuals. This book has been another attempt on his unremitting efforts.

The Business Engineer is a complete step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to start a new business. It introduces the reader to the idea and possibility of generating income from online business models. It briefs them on efficient business economics and teaches the basics of Income and financial planning. It also elaborates on selecting and developing key business components and strategies such as Product, Market, associates, and employees.

Along with guiding readers to learn how to establish a continuous stream of Income, it informs them on the methods and techniques to maximize business growth and teaches ways it can be maximized fully. The author also reveals the secret to reaching national magazines. The book contains detailed Case studies to practically demonstrate the steps and guidelines shared for successful business establishment. These case studies do also inspire the readers to take action in the world of Entrepreneurship.

However, the most attractive aspect of this manuscript is the stress that it has put on the business owner alongside the business model itself. This book focuses on the well-being and personal development of the owner itself. It gives the reader vital tips on managing “Business stress” and making critical decisions effectively. Moreover, it points out qualities and skills required for being a successful Business owner and Market leader. It motivates the reader to adopt these by indicating their importance and great significance.

To get your hands on this guide now, visit Amazon: THE BUSINESS ENGINEER.

About the Author:

Malik S. Muhammad has been a successful self-publisher for 21 years and is working to promote entrepreneurship worldwide. He is a seasoned Author, Marketing professional and certified trainer on Financial Management & Income Planning, Website design, and social media marketing. He always welcomes feedback from all of his valued readers. His previously published book “Think Big, Grow Big in Business & Life” has been selling for almost 12 years. His other mentionable writings include “YouTube Ads Made easy 2.0 For (2021 & Beyond) “, Snap Chat Marketing for 2021 & Beyond…“Instagram Marketing Secrets! For (2021 & beyond)” ‘Tik Tok Marketing’… and many others, which can be reviewed and purchased here

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