Local businesses find success as shoppers move online

Local businesses find success as shoppers move online

This story is part of a weeklong series focusing on how life has changed – and will continue to – because of the pandemic.

Before she lost her job in February 2020, Kimberly Fletcher had a hobby.

She had a Facebook group, Kim’s Steals and Deals, where she would shop and post bargains for people. If they bought using Fletcher’s link, she’d get a small commission. Really, it was just a fun way to help people while also offsetting her Amazon addiction, Fletcher said.

Kimberly Fletcher, Kim's Steals and Deals owner, sits in her home office in Independence, Kentucky.

After she lost her job, Fletcher decided not to look for another one. She knew it was a risk, but she decided instead to devote herself full-time to Kim’s Steals and Deals.

At that point, the group had about 2,500 members.

It started out as a hobby, but Kimberly Fletcher and her husband, Dan, have both left their previous careers behind to focus full-time on Kim's Steals and Deals.

Now, one year and one global pandemic later, it’s more than 70,000.

Fletcher’s husband left his job as well, and they now run Kim’s Steals and Deals as a family business from their home in Independence, Kentucky.

“People are shopping with me all day long,” Fletcher said. “It’s totally crazy how it all just snowballed in the last year. And because of the pandemic, it’s really attributable to people and their online shopping habits.”

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