Get it done online with Front Door Reception’s global secretarial services | Business

Get it done online with Front Door Reception’s global secretarial services | Business

ST. THOMAS — No matter what your business, there’s bound to be some paperwork involved and letters to write. Perhaps your business is small and can’t afford to hire a full-time secretary to handle these tasks while you go about running your daily affairs. Front Door Reception can help, offering secretarial services, primarily remotely, to help your business stay organized.

Front Door Reception is a service created by St. Thomas’ Cherese Tyson, who has an abundance of secretarial experience. A 2015 graduate of the University of the Virgin Islands with a degree in business administration, Tyson’s experience comes from work that she has done as a legal assistant for attorney Sharmane Davis Brathwaite, as well as the office of attorney A.J. Weiss and Associates. She was executive assistant to the general manager at Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina, and to the vice president of Banco Popular in the commercial loans unit.

Tyson started her own business as a result of the continuous encouragement from her SBA instructor Daryl Edwards, who was also her instructor while at UVI. She opened Front Door Reception in October and specializes in quick printing services, business letters, general office pickup and delivery services, 24-hour answering service, resume writing and web job application services.

“I’m surprised at the outreach and the calls that we get on a daily basis, so there is a lot of need that’s here in our community,” she said. “There’s a lot of need for folks who don’t know how to write a traditional letter, that need additional help with delivery services, a big, big need for businesses and individuals who need help with their current secretarial needs. Not all business can afford to hire a part-time or full-time person to do that.”

The target audience for Front Door Reception is military veterans and working-class citizens 18 years of age and older, many of whom might not have an office or a secretary. Not only will they type your letter, they do the follow up on it as well.

Front Door Reception will also do custom jobs for businesses with special needs.

“There are businesses or individuals that have special requests,” Tyson said. “I got a call from a secretary at a bank. She hired us to complete several monthly reports that she had and I already knew what to do, having worked at a bank. There are secretaries that need a secretary for a time, and we’re there for that and will safeguard all your information and keep it confidential.

“We have an awesome turnaround period, usually around 48 hours, so you’re either going to hear from us or we’re going to have the task completed in that time frame. We will also match whatever price is out there, just to be able to connect with a new client, trying to expand and trying to get to know the community a little better.”

One popular service they offer is resume and application posting, a useful service now that businesses have opened up after shutdowns caused by the pandemic. When an applicant is applying for the first time online, it can take quite some time, said Tyson. Front Door Reception can do that for you and it is free for their target market.

Because 90 percent of Front Door Reception’s business is done remotely, Tyson is able to work out of her home office in Estate Wintberg.

“I love it,” she said. “We do a lot remotely. Many offices or agencies may continue to do things remotely. I noticed with the courts, they are scheduled for Zoom through December, so it looks like we’re going to have to get used to this for a little bit.”

Working remotely allows Front Door Reception to act as a global secretarial services company that can virtually serve clients anywhere in the world, though because they are headquartered on St. Thomas, they are able to provide specialized services to the Virgin Islands. They can meet directly with the individual or business owner at their place of business and can offer extended delivery services and other personalized services.

Front Door Reception also reaches out to the community in another way. The company is a solid supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of the Virgin Islands under the direction of Executive Director Jackie Brown.

“It’s so important to not only do business in the community, but it’s also important to reach out to the community regarding volunteer services,” Tyson said.

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