Confused on which business setup for online business in Spain

Confused on which business setup for online business in Spain

Hello everyone,

Can anyone please help me choose how to most efficiently set up an internet business in Spain?

Because of the weather and other reasons, I’ve been seriously considering moving to Marbella or around, to set up an internet business, similar to the one I run now in Denmark. I develop websites and earn ad revenue, then sell them.

I’m having a very difficult time understanding the tax and social security setups of Autonomo and Limited companies and which model would be best for me.

If I open a company, which makes the most sense considering the more complex expense and ownership of assets, then I need to pay obscene amounts (1000 euro) in employer Social Security, if I say, pay myself a salary of 4000 eur? On top of that comes taxes.

So if I am the only owner and only employee of a company, wouldn’t that push my effective tax/ss into 50% range? Or is the employer SS tax deductible for the company?

If I choose to be an autonomo, that makes it much cheaper, but then I can’t save money in the company and the ownership of assets and deductions seem difficult.

I can’t figure it out!


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