Chengdu Launches Online Exhibition of History and Culture to Enhance Cultural Ties With European Countries

Chengdu Launches Online Exhibition of History and Culture to Enhance Cultural Ties With European Countries

CHENGDU, China–()–The launching ceremony of Chengdu History and Culture Overseas Virtual Exhibition was held by the Chengdu Chronicles Compilation Committee at Chengdu Chronicles Office on 24 November. The event, along with the unveiling ceremony of Chengdu Chronicles Culture Overseas (Europe) Exchange Cooperation, were witnessed by distinguished guests in many European countries including the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium through video and online connections.

Chengdu History and Culture Overseas Virtual Exhibition will also be launched at major foreign media platforms for audiences all over the world.

Gao ZhiGang, Director of Chengdu Chronicles Compilation Committee, said in his speech that Chronicles, as authoritative materials compiled by the local government to comprehensively display the local history, play a unique and irreplaceable role in the inheritance and protection of local history and culture. The event was held to share the unique treasure of Chengdu Chronicles and Chinese civilization with the world, and to enrich and develop it through cultural exchanges and mutual learning with other parts of the world.

Su Guangming, Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands stressed that only by strengthening exchanges, especially cultural exchanges, can people better enhance and deepen understanding. He believed that the Chengdu event will pave a road for more cultural exchange and communication between Chengdu and Europe.

The event was well received by overseas experts and scholars. Piet Steel, President Corporate of EU-ASIA CENTRE, President of Special Olympics Belgium said that Europe and China have long histories and valuable cultural heritages, and that there is great potential for cooperation in the protection of cultural heritages. Dr. Michael Borchmann, an international affairs expert and former Director General of the International Affairs Department in Land Hessen Germany, said that Chengdu had made the right choice by attaching importance to local history work and strengthening communication with overseas countries, and expected Chengdu to show its beautiful landscape and unique culture to more Europeans.

Dr. Richard Versmissen, Programme Director of Bachelor’s Creative Business at University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, said that cultural exchange is very important for European-Chinese communications, and this event provides an effective bridge to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding between European and Chinese people. Stephan Ossenkopp, Researcher for the Schiller Institute Think Tank, said that Chengdu and several German cities had established friendly cooperation relations and shared common interests in culture, art and tourism, and looked forward to more collaborations.

Gao said, on the basis of the exhibition, he would continue to strengthen the network of Chengdu Chronicles Cultural Overseas Exchange Cooperation and look to establishment of a long-term mechanism for exchange and mutual appreciation, so as to enable more overseas people to know more about Chengdu and China.

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