Business Coach Lisa Zahiya, Teaches Women How to Pivot Online

Business Coach Lisa Zahiya, Teaches Women How to Pivot Online

Zahiya’s flagship course, Make More Online, helps entrepreneurs grow profits by $10,000 a month with useful, online digital marketing tools. Her consulting business offers live classes, weekly peer coaching, and access to a free library of references and tools. She also runs a free Facebook Group “Make More Online” at

At the age of 26, Zahiya dropped out of Georgetown Law School and followed her heart of opening a dance studio focused on empowering women. After owning the studio for 10 years, she began coaching women to create businesses on there terms.

After pivoting online she stated “I still am here every day focused on helping women, whether it’s in their business or through movement.” She is an in-demand speaker with Ted Talks on her resume. She also offers workshops to clients on a variety of topics. Her workshops have helped women with self-love, body image and entrepreneurship. Her “dream is to help women maximize their potential.”

Zahiya speaks to clients from her own personal experiences. She believes “dance is really for every person.” Her online dance and fitness platform is membership based and has been a goal for her for many years. Zahiya’s goals have come to fruition and she says,” Celebrate what’s right with you and amplify it…that’s where self-improvement starts, especially in a society that is constantly telling women that we’re wrong.”

Her clients have access to business templates for online advertising, scripts, sales, and more. Business owners can book a free game plan phone call with Zahiya at She also has a YouTube channel with creative morning talks for clients.

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