5 starter businesses and properties for beginners in GTA Online

5 starter businesses and properties for beginners in GTA Online

GTA Online features a number of beguiling assets. From futuristic motorbikes to weaponized vehicles to flying cars, the game has it all. But the virtual market boasts a high benchmark, which is why nothing in GTA Online comes for peanuts.

To afford stuff, players need to make a lot of money and there are a number of ways to generate income. Investing in starter businesses and properties allows players to rack up a good deal of cash without grinding all the time.

This article talks about 5 of the best businesses and properties novice players can purchase in GTA Online.

5 starter businesses and properties for beginners in GTA Online

#5 High-end apartment

The value of a high-end apartment is quite underrated in GTA Online. Players, especially beginners, often splash out a sizeable fortune on glamorous vehicles and expensive outfits that they do not necessarily require instead of investing in a profitable side-hustle or property.

High-end apartments serve multiple purposes in GTA Online. They are the players’ safe haven, a place where criminal kingpins can hide from angry cops and blood-thirsty enemies. A high-end apartment can also serve as a front for plotting heists and planning murder missions. Medium and low-end apartments cannot be used for heists.

The Eclipse Tower Apartment is the most expensive apartment available in the game, priced at a staggering $1.1 million.

#4 CEO Office

Like a high-end apartment, a CEO office will not only allow players to create a massive return on investment, but it will also grant them access to stuff that usually costs a good chunk of money.

The most important reason to buy a CEO office in GTA Online, however, is so that the player can start an import/export business. Beginners can rack up a lot of cash by selling in-demand, luxury vehicles.

#3 Clubhouse/MC Business

MC Businesses are a rewarding means of earning money in GTA Online. These businesses are not only relatively cheap, but they are also geared towards passive generation of income.

To start an MC Business in GTA Online, the player will need to buy a clubhouse, which will cost anywhere from $200,000 to $495,000. The most popular clubhouses appear in Los Santos, the northern side of the map and the southern coast of the Alamo Sea.

If the player owns all five MC businesses featured in GTA Online with complete upgrades, they will be able to churn out $120,000 per hour. The gross profit will amount to a whooping $652,000.

#2 Bunker

A Bunker serves as a base of operations for all gunrunning related activities, which are extremely lucrative in nature.

On average, it takes seven minutes to produce 1/110 units in the bunker. It will take a full eight hours to pay off the initial cost of investment, which is around $375,000 with complete upgrades.

The total profit players can make is recorded at a staggering $675,000.

#1 Cocaine Lockup

For a business that pretty much runs in the background, the Cocaine Locker is highly profitable. Players can make $30,000 an hour on the side. With complete upgrades, which cost around $1,300,000, players can make a profit of $74,000 every hour.

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